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short cronology of the computer!

Computer is a programmable electronic device that can store, retrived and process data. Some of the major parts of a computer or personal computer (PC) including the motherboard, CPU, memory (RAM), hard drive and video card. There are 5 component of the computer which is input device, output device, communication device, storage, and system unit.


Did you know the history behind the invention of the computer?

This is the sequence of the  computer innovation.

 Konrad Zuse (1910-1955)- First programmable computer.

John Atanasoff and Cliffofd Berry (1942)-ABC Computer 

Howard Aiken and Grace Hopper (1944)-Harvard Mark I Computer

John Presper Eckert  and John W. Mauchly (1946)-ENIAC 1 Computer

Frederic Williams & Tom Kilburn (1948)-Manchester Baby Computer & The Williams Tube

John Presper Eckert and John W. Mauchly (1951)-UNIVAC Computer

John Backus & IBM (1954)-FORTRAN Computer Programming Language

Steve Russsel and MIT (1962)- Spacewar Computer Game
First computer came was created. 

ARPAnet (1969)-The original internet.
Inventors of the modern internet

Intel 1103 Computer Memory (1970)- The world's first available dynamic RAM chip

Alan Shugart and IBM (1971)- The "Floppy" Disk. 
Nicknamed for 'floppy' for its flexibility.

Robert Metcalfe & Xerox (1973)-The Ethernet Computer Networking

Apple I, II & TRS-80 & Commodore Pet Computers (1976/77)- Figure above shows the Apple 1 board.

The IBM PC (1981)- In July 1980, IBM representatives met for the first time Microsoft's to talk about writing an operating system IBM's new hush-hush "personal" computer.

The Apple Lisa Computer (1983)- The first home computer with a GUI, graphical user interface.

 Microsoft Window (1985)- Microsoft begins the friendly war with Apple.

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